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    Lycopodium Clavatum Spore Powder


    The name "Lycopodium" comes from the Greek language and is composed by "lico" meaning wolf and "podio" meaning foot and it is due to the similarity of the plant to the shape of a wolf's foot.

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    Lycopodium Clavatum Spore Powder


    - Has many uses including the following :
    - For special effects such as flashes/fire breathing
    - as powder in cosmetics.
    - as a homeopathic remedy.
    - as a coating for pills and medicines.
    - as a dry parting compound in foundry work.

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    Lycopodium Clavatum Spore Powder


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Lycopodium Powder - Applications

The following information is fully downloadable on a printable PDF Document (Click on PDF Icon Below)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Downloadable Lycopodium Powder MSDS PDF

The Lycopodium homeopathic remedy is used in the following main cases:

Digestive tract:

Liver diseases, pressure and tension on the liver especially after eating; Gallstones; spasms to the right abdominal region and consecutive biliary colic; Gastritis; Peptic ulcer; Digestive disorders; Postprandial swollen abdomen; Tympanites; Flatulence; Heartburn; Regurgitations; Dry mouth; Dry and irritated tongue; Swollen and sore gums; Constipation; Diarrhea.


Fear; Anxiety; Apprehension; Sadness; Melancholy; Pessimism; Tendency to depression; Chronic fatigue; Irritability; Hypersensitivity; Stubbornness; Lack of will.

Urinary tract:

Kidney stone; Hyperuricemia; Prostatic hypertrophy with frequent nocturnal awakenings to urinate; Urinary tract infections, especially cystitis with hematuria; Other urinary symptoms, such as bladder and kidney pain, burning during urination, urinary retention or incontinence, polyuria


Dry or exuding rashes; Eczema; Warts; Boils; Ulcers; Scalp rashes; Alopecia areas; Eczematous eruptions behind the ears; Heel-bone chaps and fissures; Arid and dry skin (especially on the hands) with, sometimes, hardened areas; Hands and feet extra-sweating.


Conjunctivitis; Blepharitis; Tremors of the eye orbicular muscles; Eyelid tremors.


Ailments from poor blood circulation; Venous stasis within the portal vein and the veins of the legs; Varicose veins; Hemorrhoids.

Musculoskeletal system:

General weakness; Emaciation; Muscle wasting; Arthritis and other rheumatic disorders with chronic pain accentuated at night and improved with movement; Sciatica with predominantly right laterality; Lumbago.

Respiratory system:

Nasal catarrh in children and adults, in the latter case accompanied by headache; Chronic pharyngitis; Tonsillitis that affects the right tonsils right or that starts from the right one and extends to the left one; Nasopharyngeal catarrh with possible otitis; Bronchitis. Dry cough; Noisy; Asthma.

Female genital tract:

Irregular or absent menstrual cycles; Amenorrhea; Pain and inflammation of the ovaries; Dry vaginal mucosa; Burning and painful to the point of preventing the sexual activity.

Male genital tract:

Lack of sexual desire; Impotence; Premature ejaculation.